Singapore: Largest Vending Machine In The World Sells Luxury Vehicles

When we think of vending machines, we think about snacks, gum or drinks. But one vending machine that just opened in Singapore is a lot different than the vending machines we’re used to seeing at parks, schools and many other places. The newest vending machine in Singapore is actually a 15 story building that offers some of the most expensive cars in the world.

The largest vending machine in the world sells luxury vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Porches and Ferraris. The vending machine also has a few classic vehicles for those who don’t want to buy super cars.

The vending machine from car seller Autobahn Motors was actually opened in December but now people have the chance to select the car they want and buy it. The vending machine has 60 cars on display, including some of the newest luxury vehicles in the world. The building looks exactly like a giant vending machine, with each car on a separate display. The process of selecting and buying works just like a normal vending machine too.

Customers on the front of the building select the cars from a touchscreen display. The display allows them to search through the cars and see the one they’re interested in buying. The building has a lift to bring the cars to the ground floor so the customer can see it closer.

30 cars are seen on the front of the building but each display has two cars. The vending machine includes a few Bentleys, McLarens, Lamborghinis and even some classic Porsches. There are plenty of vending machines around the world that sell products other than snacks but the one from Autobahn Motors is now the biggest and maybe the one with the most expensive items.

Gary Hong, General Manager of Autobahn Motors, spoke to Reuters and said the vending machine was aimed at making efficient use of the little land in Singapore. He also added that this was done to stand out from the competition as well.

Land scarcity is a problem in Singapore and for years, the island city state has been looking at ideas to solve this. The vending machine from Autobahn Motors could be the start of parking spaces in buildings. Hong said he has already been contacted by developers who are interested in using the concept as a parking space.

In 2016, Singapore had more than 575,000 cars on its roads and even though the number has decreased due to high car prices, the Autobahn Motors vending machine could lead to parking spaces in buildings in the future.