Wednesday, February 8, 2023

YouTube Announces Its New Desktop Site

YouTube is bringing a new look and features to its desktop site. The video site, which turned 12 earlier this week, will bring improvements such as a Dark theme and less categories on the page to keep it simple.

An exact release date for the desktop site has not been announced but users can check out the new site by signing up for a trial. The free trial, which began on Tuesday, for the new desktop site is available worldwide now. YouTube said they are still working on the desktop site and that only a limited number of people will be able to check it out.

The new desktop site includes big changes to the homepage, including an option that lets users hide the left-hand side bar. The site will also keep it simple by keeping just the Home, Trending and Subscriptions buttons.

Users will also be able to turn on a Dark Theme, which makes it easier to watch videos in the dark. Everything on the page will remain the same but the background will change. Another big change for the desktop site is the never ending homepage, which will continue to show recommended videos to its users. YouTube has also said the new changes will also allow users to search and browse videos faster.

YouTube, which was founded back in 2005, is currently one of the most popular websites in the world. The video site has over a billion users, which is close to one third of all people on the internet. Every minute, around one hundred hours of video are uploaded to the website. Last month, its first video, which was posted by one of its co-founders, also turned 12 years old. The video, which is just 19 seconds long, was posted a few days before the site made its debut. In 2006, Google acquired YouTube and the video site has continued growing since.

YouTube has not announced a release date for the new desktop site but we now know the popular video site will look different in the future.




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