Boy Reaches Spain After Traveling Under a Bus

A boy hiding underneath a truck reached Spain after a long ride from Morocco. The 143 mile journey is said to have started in Tetouan, a city in northern Morocco. The boy was underneath the truck for the 143 miles, holding himself in position. When authorities helped him out, he was dirty from sitting under the bus for hours. The boy can be seen walking with emergency services after leaving the bus.

A police spokesman who spoke to the AFP said that the boy appeared to be from Morocco. Emergency services were called to help him out of the bus and they have confirmed that he was taken to a nearby hospital. They also said he is in good condition.

Emergency Teams Called By Driver

The 143 mile journey included a ferry, which is one of the few ways to reach Spain from Morocco. According to the police spokesman, the boy was found when the driver let the passengers out and noticed something strange. He then called police and emergency teams, who found a boy hanging onto the bottom of the bus. The boy was found when the bus arrived to the city of Seville. Pictures show emergency teams sitting next to the bus and one firefighter going under the bus to help the boy.

Different Routes Used

In recent years, thousands have tried to reach Europe by taking journeys inside trucks and buses. Most attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. In March, eight migrants were rescued from a refrigerated truck. In January, more than 1,000 migrants attempted to reach Ceuta, a Spanish city located on the north coast of Africa. The migrants attempted to climb the fence and some were injured during the chaos. Estimates say more than 100 of the 1,100 migrants in the area attempted to climb the fence. 55 guards were also injured.