Brazil: Police Raid New ‘Crackland’

Police in Brazil have cleared an area of crack addicts who left during the raid last month. In May, police raided an area in Sao Paulo known as Crackland, which had hundreds of crack addicts and homeless people.

The area cleared by police on Sunday was close to where Crackland was located. Police arrested two drug traffickers during the operation. They also removed the small markets, tents and shacks built in the area.

Last Month’s Raid

Last month, 500 police officers raided Crackland and arrested nearly 40 people. The operation to clear the area led to protests from crack addicts and homeless people living there. Pictures after the police operation showed the streets filled with what was left of the market and shacks. During the operation, many crack addicts and homeless people fled to nearby areas. Most of them moved less than 400 yards from Crackland, a town where crack cocaine had been sold for years. Police had raided the area in the past but the one last month was one of the biggest.

New ‘Crackland’ Removed

Joao Doria, Mayor of Sao Paulo, said after the operation last month that they were looking to provide the addicts with medical care. It was also mentioned that security forces would remain in the area and that cameras would be installed.

The police operation left Crackland nearly empty but experts say the move doesn’t solve all the problems. They say this only makes addicts and homeless look for other places in the city. The operation on Sunday took place less than 400 yards away from Crackland. Tents and shacks were removed from Princess Isabel Square, where many addicts had moved to since the police operation last month.

Police Operations In May and June

The tents and shacks were removed with bulldozers brought in by police. The recent raids are part of a revitalization process by the city, which according to the mayor will help renovate the area. Doria has promised to renovate the buildings and build schools, houses and hospitals.

Sao Paulo has thousands of drug users and homeless people but the city is looking to change that by removing the most affected areas. The city has recently given jobs to a few hundred homeless people but the problem still remains. Recent studies say Brazil’s crack using population is between 1 to 1.2 million people. Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, is one of the most affected areas.