Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Dubai Marina’s Water Likely Changed By Construction Site

On Thursday, the water near Dubai Marina was all over social media because it had turned orange. At the time, authorities said the cause was unknown but now, they might have an answer. Authorities said on Friday that the water’s color may have been changed by a chemical named Bentonite. They added that the chemical does not have harmful effects on health and that it only changes the color of the water. The chemical is not harmful but did raise some concern among residents when it was first discovered.

Caused By Construction Site?

Images of the orange water were posted on social media on Thursday and authorities believe the chemical that caused this may be from a construction site. Dubai Municipality also mentioned that the construction site connects to the water through a drainage system. The orange water continued spreading on Friday and during the early hours of the day, it appeared to have a darker orange color. According to residents, the water changed color but there was no smell. A Dubai Municipality official also said that the change in the color may have been caused by a construction site. He explained that it’s probably a substance used to strengthen weak soil. He finished by saying that only the color of the water had changed and that teams were now working to clean the water.

Officials Visit Area

The change in the color of water was first discovered on Thursday but Dubai Municipality didn’t take long to find the cause as residents say officials were in the area on Friday morning. Municipality officials have checked the water and confirmed that it has not affected the drinking water supply in the area. The officials visited the area on Friday morning but already believed that the change in water was being caused by the construction site nearby.




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