Girl Injured In Manchester Arena Attack Gets Visit From WWE NXT Superstars

Superstars from the WWE NXT roster have made a surprise visit to an eight year old fan who was injured during the Manchester Arena attack. Lily Harrison was taken to the hospital shortly after the attack with shrapnel wounds.

She has been released from the hospital but is still recovering at home. The wrestling fan was visited by NXT Champion Bobby Roode and a few other superstars. Lily was sitting in her living room when the superstars came in to talk to her. They asked how she was feeling and she replied that she felt sick a few minutes ago but now she didn’t.

When Lily was still at the hospital, she was visited by Ariana Grande, who promised she would return to Manchester. The singer held a benefit concert on Sunday along with other popular artists to help victims and families of those affected by the attack. The concert raised nearly $3 million in three hours. WWE has said it will make a donation to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

Lily received gifts from the WWE NXT superstars, including an NXT championship belt. WWE was planning to have an NXT event in Manchester but that was canceled after the attack. The event was going to take place at Manchester Arena, where the attack happened on May 22. WWE announced it canceled the event out of respect for those affected by the attack. WWE will be holding an NXT event in another city and has offered free tickets to those who were going to attend the canceled event.

NXT Champion Bobby Roode spoke to Sky News and said that they like to support people like Lily and all the people suffering from what happened in Manchester. Lily’s parents were also injured in the attack. They are currently recovering but Lily’s mother attended the concert on Sunday. She was taken back to the hospital after the concert.

WWE will be holding an NXT event in Leeds on Wednesday. The company has said it will give fans full refund and free tickets to the show.