Greenland: Four Missing After Tsunami

Authorities in Greenland have confirmed that four people are missing after a tsunami hit the area. A 4.1 magnitude earthquake is said to have triggered the tsunami.

The waves struck the coast of Greenland on Saturday night and more than ten homes were said to have been affected or swept away by the tsunami. Recent reports say the four people missing were inside their home in Nuugaatsiaq when the waves struck.

Four People Missing and Nine Injured

Pictures of the areas affected by the tsunami show debris all over the villages. Some of the homes were swept into the ocean by the waves. Nuugaatsiaq has been evacuated but the waves struck at least two other villages. One video posted on Facebook showed residents fleeing as the wave reached the village. During the video, the wave can be seen reaching some of the homes and moving all the objects around it. Emergency teams are now searching for the four people missing.

Nuugaatsiaq, which has a population of around 100 people, was one of the most affected areas. Authorities have confirmed that four people are missing and that nine people were injured. Boats and helicopters are now helping in the search operation.

Earthquake Starts Tsunami, Residents Evacuated

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck 17 miles north of Nuugaatsiaq, is said to have started the tsunami. Recent reports say most of the 100 people living in Nuugaatsiaq have been evacuated. The water is said to have destroyed more than 10 homes in the village. According to the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation (KNR), two people were seriously injured.

Residents in at least three villages have been told to evacuate and seek higher ground. Meteorologist Trine Dahl Jensen spoke to Danish news agency Ritzau and said that it is not normal to see such a large earthquake in Greenland. She also warned of potential aftershocks.