Homeowner Decides To Sell Her House On Facebook Live

Selling a house can be a long process and most people just pay a real estate agent to sell it as quickly as possible. But a homeowner in Rainham will attempt to sell her home by using a free and easy to use app. Shanty Helim is looking to become the first person ever to sell a home using the Facebook Live feature.

Shanty will use Facebook Live to show the house to the people interested. The livestream will provide a tour of the house, which has three bedrooms and one bathroom. Santy hopes the livestream helps her sell the house quickly so she can avoid paying a real state agent, which can be very expensive. She explained that a viewing on Facebook Live is the perfect way to allow potential purchasers to look at the house and ask questions.

The sale of her home on Facebook Live is not illegal and even though the feature is available to all users of the social media site, the majority of the sellers look for a real state agent. Shanty plans to avoid all the real state agent fees and sell the home herself. If she sells the home, the idea could save her around $5000.

The home is valued between $590,000 and $600,000. It has three bedrooms, one bathroom and a garden. The livestream will happen at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 22. Shanty will work with Housesimple, an online state agent that charges a fee of $750, to try to sell the home on the livestream. Shanty will save money by not having a real state agent but completing the sale will still cost money as transferring the home to the new owner is part of the legal fees.

The Facebook Live feature has been used for many things in the past but selling a home is probably a first. Shanty will need a large audience on her livestream to see if someone is interested but the idea could work as she has caught the attention of everyone for using the feature differently.