Saturday, June 10, 2023

Less Is More – The BLUBOO S1 Motto

When it comes to smartphones and the extensive selections available, many phones often have complex designs and it can be overwhelming. While many smartphones will offer a ton of design on the outside of the product, BLUBOO S1 is going with the motto of less is more. Instead of offering a lot of complexity in the design department, BLUBOO S1 keeps things simple on the outside, while putting a lot of work into the inside.

BLUBOO S1 Maintains High-Quality with Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is better, which is what BLUBOO S1 offers you with the high-quality you have come to expect from a smartphone. The BLUBOO S1 uses Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to give you a sleek looking high-definition display. There is Organic Glass used on the back of the BLUBOO S1, which allows 96% of light to be transmitted through the device. The device uses the Tri-Bezel-Less technology in order to offer you a screen-to-body ratio of 90%. The glass panel makes the BLUBOO S1 look as if you were holding up a mirror, and you will love the smooth look of the BLUBOO logo in a vertical design.

What you will also find is that the BLUBOO S1 has a very cobblestone-like appearance, which is in part due to the reinforced organic plastic used for the frame. The reinforced organic plastic gives this smartphone a very smooth and ceramic feel. The reinforced organic plastic also makes this one of the most environmentally-friendly smartphones out there today. The grip on this phone is pretty amazing, and much better than you will find in a metal smartphone. You cannot see any lines or see where the front and back panel starts or stops because it just flows smoothly and transitions very well.

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