New BLUBOO S8 18:9 Full-Screen Smartphone To Be Released This Summer

BLUBOO is expected to release a new full-screen Android smartphone by the middle of this summer. The new device from BLUBOO is called the BLUBOO S8, and this new device is based on the MTK Platform. This is going to be the world’s first 18:9 full-screen smartphone, and we have all of the details about the BLUBOO S8 so read on to learn more.

BLUBOO S8 To Be Released in July

The best news out of the new BLUBOO S8 device is that it should be released by the end of July, and currently, the device is going through testing. This is the first 18:9 full-screen flagship device and the BLUBOO S8 will have higher-quality specifications and newer technology than the previous BLUBOO smartphone. BLUBOO is known for putting out high-end products, and with this new smartphone, we are going to be getting an even better experience.

Speaking of specifications, the new BLUBOO S8 is going to be based on the MTK Platform and will feature a full-screen display. There will be a 5.7-inch high-definition display that features 1440x720p resolution. The BLUBOO S8 will also have a Helio X30 chipset, and features either 64GB or 128GB of ROM. There will be a 4GB memory mode and a 6GB memory mode in this new BLUBOO S8 smartphone. There will be two rear cameras developed by Sony, and there will also be the LED dual flash in the rear.

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