OnePlus 3 User Charged More Than $700 To Repair His Phone

A OnePlus 3 owner in India was shocked when he received a bill that was actually more than the cost of his phone, which needed to be repaired as it had been damaged by water. The Facebook post of the complaint, which was first spotted by Phone Radar, tells the story of a OnePlus 3 user who requested a repair for his phone.

OnePlus 3 Damaged By Water

Aklank Jain, who tagged OnePlus and repair service Servify, mentions in the post that he was given the huge bill of more than Rs. 48,000 ($743) for a mobile that he bought for Rs. 28,000 ($433). He explains in the post that his phone was damaged by water when one of his office colleagues moved the table when he was getting up. This caused a glass of water to fall on the phone. He says he switched off his phone and a few days later, he turned it on and noticed that the recent and back buttons didn’t work. The incident began when he decided to get his phone fixed by the service.

Estimated Cost – More Than $700

He requested a repair since he had accidental warranty but the repair service replied through emails that the claim request was beyond their economic repair cost. He also received the shocking estimated cost of Rs. 48,030, which is nearly double of what he bought the phone for. The estimated cost shocked him as he couldn’t believe that a repair cost was actually more than the price of a new OnePlus 3.

Jain is not happy with the estimated cost and has since been trying to contact OnePlus and Servify. According to the list of the estimated cost, the display and printed circuit board (PCB) were nearly Rs. 35,000. The battery back cover was another Rs. 9,900 while the loudspeaker and USB were nearly Rs. 1,000 each.

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