UberEATS Driver Reportedly Loses Access After Delivering Mouldy Food

A Toronto couple was surprised when the two pizzas and two sodas they ordered were not in the delivery they received. The bag instead contained moldy sandwiches and a salad that appeared to be a few days old.

The delivery was made through UberEATS, a service that takes food from restaurants in the area to customers. The service completed the delivery but it was not what the couple had ordered. The company began an investigation shortly after and recently said that the driver has a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

The couple contacted the restaurant after receiving the shocking order and the manager told them that the order had been made correctly. The restaurant also revealed that a similar complaint had been made the same day. The restaurant said it was the first time that it had ever received these complaints.

The couple was also notified through the app that the order had been delivered, even though the driver was still minutes away. The delivery left many questions as the restaurant confirmed that the order had been made correctly and Uber said that the driver had a 4.8 rating.

UberEATS has already given the couple a full refund and a voucher but it continues to investigate. The company has also said the driver’s access has been removed while they continue to investigate.

The couple not only received moldy sandwiches and an old salad but also an order that didn’t match their order number. They also say the order arrived late and was in a large brown bag. The utensils included in the order were also opened. The couple told Global News that they received two sandwiches that were moldy and half eaten. They say the food had at least been sitting out for three weeks. The couple posted pictures of the food they received on social media. Uber has given them a full refund and voucher but they told Global News that they don’t think it’s enough to use their services again.

Uber says it is currently reviewing the order and are working with the restaurant and driver to find out what may have happened.