Venezuela: Police Helicopter Drops Grenades and Fires Shots On Supreme Court

A Venezuelan police officer has reportedly used a police helicopter to drop grenades and fire shots at Venezuela’s Supreme Court. Videos posted on social media show the helicopter flying around before explosions are heard. The police officer has also released a video talking about the government.

The police officer, who identified himself as Oscar Perez in the video, is guarded by what appears to be more police officers in the video. The incident comes after months of protests by the opposition. More than 70 people have lost their lives in the protests, which continue to take place across the country. Just a few hours ago, the Aragua state was hit by protests and looting. Supermarkets, bakeries and government offices were affected by the looting.

The attack on the Supreme Court was confirmed by the president shortly after it happened. President Maduro said the helicopter dropped grenades on the Supreme Court. He added that one of the grenades dropped did not detonate. President Maduro said the pilot had worked for former Popular Power for Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres.

Miguel Rodriguez Torres has already responded to his comments. He tweeted minutes ago that his information was wrong and that he would always fly in a different helicopter. He also revealed the name of the pilot who would always fly with him. The former minister has criticized the government in recent days, requesting for the constituent assembly to be suspended and saying he will reveal information about the government.

The police officer said in the video that the fight is not against the country’s security forces but against the impunity of the government. Four other police officers are seen in the video. The incident has left many questions as no one knows what happened to the helicopter or the police officer seen in the video. Local media has also reported that he is not only a police officer but also an actor.