BLUBOO S1 Uses Blu-Ray Tempered Glass For Optimal Eye Protection

A lot of people these days have a tendency to sit on their mobile phones late at night checking Twitter or reading websites. Did you know that this blue light is actually harming your eyes? While your eyes are being harmed just by looking at a computer or mobile phone screen all the time, the harm is bigger at night when it is dark and your screen is lit up. Exposing your eyes to your mobile phone for a long time can create long-lasting vision problems, but there is not much you can do since most people use their phones for work and to perform daily tasks.

That is why so many phone manufacturers are now turning to Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass to help reduce damage that the phones are doing to your eyes and vision. BLUBOO are just the latest manufacturer to move forward with this Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass, and it is present in the BLUBOO S1, which is the latest smartphone by BLUBOO and this phone is having a huge presale right now.

BLUBOO S1  Utilizes Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass

The BLUBOO S1 is using Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass that was imported right from Japan. This glass is both excellent quality and has a unique hardness to it that makes it special. If you are wondering what this glass really does, it basically blocks the short-wave high-energy blue light that the LED screens and LCD screens give off. It blocks it through refraction and absorption of the short-wave blue lighting. This will decrease the risks associated with the Blu-Ray. For the user, this can protect your eyes and vision since it alleviating eye fatigue, helps reduce eye pain, and can stop dry eyes.

When it comes to what else the Tempered Glass does besides protect your eyes, it also helps keep the screen in the original color. You can click here to watch the YouTube video regarding the official testing on the Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass that BLUBOO is using for the BLUBOO S1. You will notice that the video also shows you how the pasting is done onto the glass. You also can check to see if you have the Tempered Glass by holding up the anti-counterfeit money to the Blu-Ray pen light. You can then use the Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass to block the light. If the anti-counterfeit mark is not present when you look, that means you have the Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glass.

Right now, the BLUBOO S1 is available at Gearbest as part of a presale event. As a thank you for people buying the BLUBOO S1 at Gearbest, the company is giving away Anti Blu-Ray Tempered Glasses, which are a $10 value. If you would like more information about the promotions and presale of the BLUBOO S1 at Gearbest you can head to the official website for more information.