Brazil: Court Dismisses Charges Against US Swimmer Ryan Lochte

A court in Brazil has tossed out the charges against US swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was involved in an incident at a gas station during last year’s Olympics. The swimmer had been charged with filing a fake robbery report.

Case Dismissed

The incident made news around the world as it was later revealed that something different had happened. The court confirmed a few hours ago that it dismissed the case after determining that the robbery claim he made when he spoke to NBC was not the filing of a false report.

Incident At The Gas Station

Lochte spoke to NBC during the Olympics last year and said that he and three of his teammates had been robbed at gunpoint when they were in a taxi. But authorities revealed that his story was not true. Surveillance cameras outside of a gas station showed the athletes getting into a dispute with security guards. The US swimmer left Brazil shortly before a judge ordered the confiscation of his passport but his teammates were detained. The swimmers were detained for questioning and it later became clear that something totally different had happened during the incident. The swimmers were involved in a dispute at a gas station and were not robbed at gunpoint like Lochte first claimed.

The four later apologized for the incident but Lochte was given a fine and a ten month suspension. The suspension ended last month.

In Brazil, falsely reporting a crime is punishable by a fine or up to six months in prison. But the court dismissed the charges after determining that what he said to NBC was not the filing of a false report. Lochte’s attorney said in an email to The Associated Press that they were pleased that the court had finally dismissed the criminal prosecution against him.