Burundi Robotics Team Reported Missing

Six teenagers from Burundi who entered the US for the robotics team competition have been reported missing, according to police. The robotics team, which was last seen on Tuesday, was not found by the supervisor and that’s when police were called in. The four boys and two girls disappeared shortly after the competition.

According to the DC Police Department, the team was last seen two days ago. Earlier today, the police posted pictures of the teenagers on Twitter. Authorities also asked people to get in touch with them if they have any information. Tuesday was the last day of the competition and the six teenagers disappeared some time after that. Reports say two of the teenagers may have crossed into Canada.

The team entered the US for a competition where 157 countries participated. Burundi was one of 36 teams from Africa that competed in the tournament. The spokesman for the competition said the proper reports have been sent to the police who are investigating the case. One of the teenagers missing is 16 years old while three are 17 and the other two are 18. Police have not confirmed if two of them crossed into Canada.

The tournament made news around when the robotics team from Afghanistan was not allowed to attend the competition because of visa problems. It appeared that the team would miss the competition but their problem was resolved shortly before the tournament. The team of six Afghan teenage girls reportedly had their visas denied twice before the decision was reversed. The team shined at the competition and won a silver medal for courageous achievement.

Police have tweeted missing person pictures asking for help finding the teenagers. They were last seen at the competition but reports say two of them were spotted crossing the border into Canada.