Canada: Fight Breaks Out At Pizza Pizza, Witness Says It Was Over Late Order

A complaint over a late order was the start of a fight in a Pizza Pizza restaurant in Toronto. The fight was captured on video by one of the customers sitting down near the counter. According to one witness, the brawl began at around 2 a.m. when a woman entered the restaurant and complained that her pizza order was taking too long. The witness says the woman was never called for her order, so in the middle of the restaurant, she began screaming about how she wasn’t satisfied.

The video of the fight was posted on YouTube, where it has more than 40,000 views. The video begins with customers quickly getting out of their way. The women at the counter then begin pushing each other as other customers try to stop the situation from getting out of control. Customers are seen sitting down and eating during the fight but get up as the fight gets bigger and more people get involved. One customer is seen trying to stop the fight with one pizza box on his hand. The women continue pushing each other until they are separated by the customers.

According to the witness, the woman was making a big scene and then someone else said something. He says the fight began when the woman jumped over the counter and started throwing chips on the floor. The witness started taking a video right after that. He remained in his table throughout the fight and got everything on video. He posted three videos of the incident on YouTube, including one after the fight.

Toronto police were called in a few minutes after the incident and one official confirmed that one person was charged with public intoxication.

Here are two videos of the incident, one from the Toronto Star YouTube channel and one from the witness: