Florida: Dozens of People Form Human Chain To Save Swimmers

Dozens of people at a Panama City beach formed a human chain to rescue a group of people who were close to drowning after they were caught in a riptide. The rescue happened when beachgoers noticed that a group of people were in danger. The group was far away from the shore so people began forming a human chain. Derek Simmons was one of the people who organized the human chain to rescue the group.

Simmons, his wife and other family members were enjoying a nice day at the beach when they noticed that a group of people were in trouble. They noticed that the group was pointing to the water and Simmons says he first thought that it was a shark. They walked to see what was going on and talked to another person who had noticed them too. That person told Simmons and his wife that the group was drowning and that he couldn’t get to them because the current was too strong.

Simmons told the man to find people so they could form a human chain. His idea was to get enough people to get to their area so they could be rescued. Simmons says people were not so sure about the idea in the beginning since they believed they would also be caught by the riptide. The human chain got longer and longer in just a few minutes and Simmons and his wife were able to reach the group. The human chain had around 80 people and the two children were the first rescued. The people spent around an hour in the water for the rescue. The grandmother suffered a heart attack in the water but her daughter recently confirmed in a GoFundMe page that she is in stable condition. The family posted a GoFundMe page to get help for the medical bills.

Nine people were rescued by the human chain, including two who got stranded after attempting to help. An official said the lifeguards had finished for the day when it all happened. Ambulances and medical personnel were sent in to help the group. The official added that there were yellow flags in the area but that swimmers don’t always know what they mean. The official finished by saying that it’s amazing that people got together to do this. A spokesman for the city’s police said two officers were at the beach trying to prevent people from entering the water as they feared they could get caught.