Greece: Eight People Arrested Over Death of American

Authorities in Greece have arrested eight people after a fight left a 22-year-old American dead. The eight people are now facing voluntary manslaughter. Authorities recently said Bakari Henderson died from severe head injuries.

Henderson’s friend has also given more details about the fight, which happened on early Friday. According to a friend who was visiting Greece with him, the fight began after Henderson and another friend put their drinks down at the end of a table where two others were sitting. The situation got out of control when the men took the beers, smashed the bottles and grabbed the glass to use it as weapons.

One of the eight suspects is a bar employee, who has been accused of being one of at least ten people who followed Henderson out of the bar. The group has been accused of beating him outside the bar and leaving him unconscious. The murder suspects recently made their way to court and covered their heads as they entered.

Henderson had graduated last month from the University of Arizona and was visiting Greece with friends. His friend recently said that the first reports mentioning that the fight had started over an attempt to take a photo with a waitress are not true. According to the first local media reports, the attempt angered the bouncer and then the incident happened.

Reports of incidents have increased in the area over the last few years. The nightlife in the island usually brings bring crowds and there have been reports of tourists being injured in fights. Henderson’s family and neighbors are still shocked over the incident. One neighbor said Bakari didn’t have any of those characteristics that would start a brawl. The neighbor says it just didn’t fit his nature.

A GoFundMe page has already raised thousands of dollars to cover the transportation and funeral. The US State Department is also helping the family.