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Lea Michele Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Lea is an American Actress who is most famous for her roles in Broadway productions of Les Miserables and Spring Awakening. She was also an award-winning member of the cast of Glee.

How Lea Michele Got Famous

She was born Lea Michele Sarfati on August 29th, 1986 in the Bronx, NY. Even though her father is Jewish, Lea was brought up in the Catholic Church. She attended with both of her parents, despite their differing faiths. Lea, an only child, and her parents moved to the New Jersey suburbs when she was just 4 years old. Once she began performing on Broadway with more regularity, her family secured an apartment in Manhattan to live in during the run of the shows. When Lea was not on the stage, she was attending Tenafly High School in NJ or working part time at the family deli, and a bat mitzvah dress shop.

When it came to picking a stage persona, Lea decided to drop her Sephardic last name due to teasing and bullying about it when she was in school. At the age of 8, she provided her name as Lea Michele to the producers of Les Miserables when she auditioned for the part of Young Cosette. She has not looked back since.

Lea Michele’s Acting Career

After appearing in Les Miserables in 1995, Lea Michele went on to appear in the role of Little Girl in Ragtime, both in Toronto, Canada where the play saw its first performances, and in the Broadway cast when it moved to NYC in 1998. Lea was also a young voice actor in the cartoon film Buster & Chauncey’s Silent Night alongside big names such as Phil Hartman and Marie Osmond. After that, she took some time off from her acting career to focus on her education.

Once she returned to her career in acting, Lea got involved with a project by Duncan Sheik. He turned the 1891 German play Spring Awakening into a rock musical with the help of lyricist Steven Sater. Lea was involved since the beginning stages of workshops and the off-Broadway production. She played as Wendla Bergmann, the female lead of the musical, for two years.

Lea Michele became a mainstream star when she landed the part of lead Rachel Berry in the hit musical show Glee in 2009. She stayed on the show until it ended in 2015 – which is good because the part was written specifically for her by creator Ryan Murphy. Since she started playing the character, she has won numerous awards, including the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy Actress in 2012. Lea also recorded a solo album and authored two non-fiction books. She starred in Scream Queens, a comedy/horror series on Fox from 2015 to 2016. Her second studio album was put out in the spring of 2017. Her most recent project, The Major, is a sitcom that will air on ABC later in 2017.

Lea Michele’s Romantic Life

In 2006, Lea dated a fellow stage actor, Landon Beard. The pair was together for two years before ending the relationship in 2008. Soon after, she went for another stage actor, John Lloyd Young, who she had met while performing Les Mis at the Hollywood Bowl. They ended it after about a year. Before she dated Glee co-star Cory Monteith, Lea was way into Theo Stockman, who starred in the Broadway production of American Idiot. A year after her long term partner Cory died of an overdose, Lea dated Matthew Paetz for two years before moving on to another fellow TV star Robert Buckley.

Lea Michele’s Snapchat Name – LeaMichele

If you would like to add Lea Michele on Snapchat, just click here!

Lea Michele- Other Social Media Accounts

Lea Michele’s Personal Facebook Account

While it does not appear that Lea Michele has a public personal Facebook profile, her official fan page is chock full of content. The page has over 4.6 million followers, and you can join them by clicking here. Lea often lets her fans know about her latest appearances. She shares promotional photos and videos as well. Most recently, she posted a video of herself and High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale singing a cover of Robyn’s Dancing on my Own. Lea also put up a picture of herself crying while meeting Celine Dion at the Billboard Music Awards.

Lea Michele’s Twitter Username

It looks like Lea uses Twitter, the microblogging platform, as her main way of communicating with her fans. She reblogged and responded to a bunch of people who reacted to her video with Ashley Tisdale. Lea jokingly told a fan to “Come over anytime!” after the fan told her that he loved her house. On July 13th, the anniversary of Cory Montieth’s death, she tweeted a beautiful black and white photo of the two of them as a memorial. Lea is very responsive to people that tweet at her, so join her 4.83 million followers by clicking here.

Lea Michele’s Instagram Username

Lea has 4.8 million followers on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. You can search for her username LeaMichele, or join her followers by clicking here. Many of the photos are candids of Lea and her friends, with a few professional shots sprinkled in. There is one very impressive pic of Lea performing a handstand on a surfboard, which shows some major talent. She calls the ocean her “happy place.”

Lea Michele’s Kik Username or Code

Even though fans of Glee claimed that Lea Michele responded to them on the Kik messenger app in 2011, it does not look like she has a current public account.

Lea Michele’s YouTube Channel Name

You can find Lea on leamichelemusicVEVO on YouTube. The popular Broadway star has 400,000 subscribers, and her videos get millions of views. Her most recent uploads are of the latest singles from her album Places. The channel also has a short video for the single The Making of Places. You can subscribe to Lea’s channel and get access to all of her latest content by clicking here.

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