Man Trapped In Cash Machine Sends Help Notes To Customers

A Texas man who was trapped in a cash machine for hours had to come up with a genius tactic to get out. It all began when the man was working on renovations for the bank and got stuck in the ATM’s vault. The problem could have easily been solved with just a phone call but the man left his phone in the car before everything happened.

Police Find The Man

He began shouting to ATM users who would come by to withdraw money but the calls for help weren’t working. Customers continued to withdraw money but police was eventually called in for help.

When police arrived to the ATM, they thought it was a hoax. They found out it wasn’t when they kicked the door to free the man, who had been in the room for hours. Police officer Richard Olden said that they could hear a little voice coming from the machine. He added that they first thought this was a joke. The police then went to the door to find out what was going on and found out that it was no joke.

Handwritten Note and Calls For Help

The man had tried a number of ways to get the customers attention so they could help. One was shouting to them while they were using the ATM while another was sending a handwritten note through the receipt slot. A customer received the note, which said he needed help and that he was stuck in there without a phone. The note also said please call my boss with his number.

The man spent more than two hours inside the room at Bank of America. The police officer told local media that everyone was okay. The man was reportedly changing out the lock of the room when he got stuck inside.