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Michelle Obama Snapchat Name & Snapcode – Updated 2018

Michelle Obama came into the public eye when she became the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America in 2009. As the First Lady, Michelle took on a persona separate from that of her husband and became a role model for women as well as advocating for proper nutrition in schools, exercise, and poverty awareness.

Michelle Obama’s Early Life

She was born on January 17, 1964, as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago Illinois. Her mother was a secretary at Spiegel catalog store but ended up staying home with her until Michelle entered high school. Her father was a city water plant employee. Michelle’s middle name honored her grandmother, LaVaughn Johnson. Michelle was very dedicated to her father who had multiple sclerosis. She was determined to be a good student, and stay out of trouble. She ended up joining a gifted class in sixth grade, and moved on to Whitney Young high school, which had selective enrollment. The three hour commute ended up being worth it. Michelle placed on the honor roll for four years, and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Michelle went on to attend Princeton University, where her brother had graduated from in 1983. Even though she was made to feel aware of her race and economic status, she did well. She ended up getting involved with a group that supported minority students. The group is called Third World Ctr., and it offered tutoring and a daycare center. Michelle ended up graduating cum laude in 1985 with a bachelor of the arts.

Going from one procedures university to another, Michelle went to Harvard Law school to earn her Juris doctor. While she was at Harvard, she and it up participating in various demonstrations to advocate hiring professors who were in the minority. She also works to assist low-income tenants with housing cases at the Harvard legal aid Bureau. Only three first ladies have ever had a postgraduate degree, and she is one of them.

Michelle Obama’s Career

After working at the Sidley Austin law firm, she went on to hold public sector positions in Chicago. She became executive director for the Chicago office of public allies in 1993. This group encouraged young adults to work on social issues. Michelle Obama did impressive work here, and said records for fundraising that were unbeatable until 12 years later. She later worked for the University of Chicago as associate dean of student services. Six years after that, she moved on to the University of Chicago hospitals as Executive Director for community affairs. She was promoted in 2005 to Vice President for Community and External Affairs.

Even though Michelle helped her husband campaign for president in 2008, she was only ever on the trail for two days out of the week. She wanted to be home by the end of the second day to get back to her children. When her daughters went to the University of Chicago laboratory schools, Michelle became a member of the school board. She continued her quest to secure diversity in the school when it came to members of the board.

Michelle Obama’s Romantic Life

Michelle did attend prom in 1982 with her high school boyfriend David Upchurch. Not much is known about her dating life before she met her current husband Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. According to her Wikipedia page, she promised her mother that she would focus on her career in college instead of dating.

All of that fell to the wayside when she met her husband Barack Obama at Sidley Austin LLP. The pair met when Michelle was assigned to mentor him, and they went out to a business lunch. Apparently, he impressed her, and the two went on their first date to see a Spike Lee movie. Michelle and Barack were married in the fall of 1992 and went on to have two children, Malia and Sasha. The family continued to live in Chicago even after Barack was elected to the Senate.

Michelle Obama’s Snapchat Name – MichelleObama


If you would like to add Michele Obama on Snapchat, you can do so by clicking here.

Michelle Obama- Other Social Media Accounts

Michelle Obama’s Personal Facebook Account

Michelle Obama does not have a personal Facebook profile, and her official page has not been updated since 2013. It’s clear that Michelle did not post to this page herself as most of the entries are in the third person. The content features many pictures of the First Family, as well as some campaigning for the 2012 Presidential election. My favorite photo on the page is the First Lady being lifted by a female Olympic athlete at the 2012 Olympics. You can join her 17 million followers by clicking here.

Michelle Obama’s Twitter Username

Even though her Facebook page goes largely untouched, Michele Obama updates her Twitter feed quite often. Her tweets show that she has not given up on her pursuit of promoting good nutrition, exercise, and education. It seems like the former First Lady has been busy since she and her family left the White House. Michelle Obama has 8.27 million followers on the micro-blogging site, and you can join them by clicking here.

Michelle Obama’s Instagram Username

Michelle’s Instagram description is delightful. She has only posted 21 pictures, but she still has over 15 million followers. You can join them by clicking here.

Michelle Obama’s Kik Username or Code

Michelle Obama does not have a Kik messenger account, which is not surprising.

Michelle Obama’s YouTube Channel Name

While Michelle Obama does not have her own personal YouTube channel, there is a page for her Lets Move campaign that contains tons of content including the First Lady with celebrities such as Will Ferrell and Elmo. You can join the channel’s 15,864 followers by clicking here.

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