Quality Control Tests Being Performed on BLUBOO S1

The BLUBOO S1 has officially begun presale over at Gearbest. Over 200 BLUBOO S1 units were sold in just two hours. The presale over at Gearbest for the BLUBOO S1 is going on from July 10 until July 17. During this time, you can get the BLUBOO S1 for $159.99, and after the presale is over the price will go back to $209.99. There is also a handset unit available for $79.99 and this deal is from July 10 through July 14. The deal begins daily between that time frame at 9:00 UTC. There are also other promotions going on at Gearbest and you can click the official website link to check out the other BLUBOO S1 promotions.

BLUBOO S1 Quality Control Tests

BLUBOO has just released videos showing the quality control testing that has been going on for the BLUBOO S1. You can head over to the YouTube link to check out those quality control tests. You will notice that there are a ton of ways and methods that BLUBOO is checking the quality of the products. This includes a USB-C port test that goes on for 5,000 times and the physical buttons are being tested by clicking them over 100,000 times. The drop test also occurred as part of quality control, which happened 5,000 times at a height of 10 cm. There was a roller drop test that lasted for an hour and a soft squeeze test that happened 2,000 times as well.

When it comes to the BLUBOO S1, BLUBOO is completely confident in the quality of the new product. The high-quality of the BLUBOO S1 is why it is selling like hotcakes over at Gearbest during this presale time. BLUBOO has used a ton of innovation in the design of the BLUBOO S1, and the hardware performance is top-notch as well. There are dual rear cameras in this phone, and the BLUBOO S1 has 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM, along with the Octa-Core processor.

You can head over to the website by clicking here in order to get in on the presale fun for the BLUBOO S1, which is only at Gearbest.