Shane McMahon and Pilot Rescued After Emergency Helicopter Landing In The Ocean

WWE’s Shane McMahon and the pilot flying the helicopter were rescued in the ocean after it had to make an emergency landing. Shane McMahon, the son of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, was flying in a helicopter near a New York beach.

Emergency Landing Near a Beach

The small helicopter made an emergency landing in the water and Shane told reporters that he heard a bang. The pilot then told him that they would be making a landing in the ocean. Shane says it was very unnerving but that the pilot was super calm, which made him calm.

Shane, who has been making appearances on the SmackDown brand since the brand split last year, later tweeted about it. In the tweet, he thanks the man upstairs for looking out for him this morning, the pilot and the coast guard.

Lifeguards Take Them On Kayaks

A lifeguard told CBS New York that they got kayaks and paddled out to the area. He said the two gentlemen were calm and collected. The lifeguard said they put them on kayaks and swam along with them until the coast guard rescued them. The helicopter reportedly made a stop at a heliport in Manhattan before the incident happened. The helicopter made a mayday call shortly before the emergency landing and it was received by a commercial flight nearby, which then contacted the FAA. Authorities don’t know what went wrong with the helicopter but Shane said they landed perfectly.

Pictures show the helicopter sitting on pontoons after the emergency landing. A video from CBS News also shows the moment when the coast guard rescues them. Shane, who returned to WWE in 2016, has been making appearances for the WWE SmackDown brand since the brand split. He has also appeared in two matches at Wrestlemania 32 and 33 since making his return.