South Africa: Stadium Stampede Leaves Two Dead and Many Injured

Authorities have confirmed that two people have lost their lives in a stampede at one of South Africa’s biggest stadiums. The incident also left several people injured.

The stampede happened at the FNB stadium during a match between the Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs. Authorities have not revealed what caused the stampede at the stadium but the match continued after the incident. An official confirmed on social media that two people had lost their lives in the stampede. The official said all the stadium gates had been opened and that the situation was under control.

Authorities have not revealed what caused the stampede and Reuters recently reported that live coverage of the match did not show anything getting out of control. The stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 90,000, was renovated for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It is the second deadly stampede to happen when these two teams play. In 2001, more than 40 people lost their lives in a stampede at a different stadium in Johannesburg.

It is the third deadly stampede at a stadium in Africa this year. In February, 17 people lost their lives in a stampede at a stadium in Angola. Dozens of people were also injured during the stampede, which police say began when people rushed at one of the stadium gates. The incident happened early in the game and one witness said there were only two police officers in the place. The stadium was reportedly already packed when hundreds more rushed at the stadium gate.

A few weeks ago, another incident left eight people dead at a stadium in Senegal. The incident reportedly began after the match, when fans began clashing with police and fans from the opposing team. The clashes led to a stampede and people began climbing over walls to escape. One of the walls collapsed, killing eight people that were standing nearby. More than 50 people were injured during the stampede and wall collapse.


  1. Are they mental or what? Is it a game to rush the gates? Is this (an)normal behavior for people in South Africa?