State Farm Sues Apple Over Fire Allegedly Started By iPhone 4S

US insurance company State Farm filed a lawsuit against Apple on Thursday. The insurance company alleges that a defective iPhone 4S was the cause of a house fire. The fire, which happened in 2016, left more than $70,000 in damages to the home.

According to the filing, the iPhone failed on April 1, 2016 and that led to a fire in the home. The investigations by the insurance company found that the device showed evidence of significant and localized heating event close to the battery. They think that an internal failure caused the fire, which left the home located in Wisconsin with thousands of dollars in damages.

It is not known if the phone was sold by an Apple Store or an authorized retailer but the complaint claims the phone was in new condition when it was sold. They say the examination of the phone showed no signs that the damage to the battery was done by a fire, which means it could have started it.

Insurance Policy and Other Costs

The owner of the home had insurance with State Farm at the time of the fire and the company covered part of the damages. The owner says the phone never had its battery changed.

The house fire left thousands of dollars in damages and the owner also had to spend money on other costs that weren’t covered by the insurance policy.

The Apple iPhone 4S, released in 2011, is not the newest release by the company but many people still use the device around the world. Reports of the phone catching on fire are not very common but there were some incidents shortly after it release. In 2012, a man in Finland claimed that his iPhone 4S caught on fire in his pocket. Other users have also reported similar incidents when charging their phones.