Thailand: Gunmen Kill Eight In Popular Tourist Area

Authorities in Thailand say eight people have lost their lives after gunmen started shooting inside a village chief’s home. The incident happened in the southern province of Krabi, a popular tourist area.

Gunmen Fled After Shooting

Police say the gunmen demanded to search the house and held the people in the home captive. One of the people held captive was the chief, who remained in the house for hours before the gunmen decided to shoot him and the other people. Authorities say the gunmen fled in a car after shooting them. According to the police, the gunmen showed up to the home wearing military style clothing. Reports say there were six gunmen in the house.

Eight Dead and Three Seriously Injured

Police confirmed that eight people lost their lives in the shooting while three others were seriously injured. The victims include at least one child. Police are still investigating but believe the attack began over a personal dispute. An official who spoke to local media said that the chief had many disputes in the area. It is not yet known why the gunmen held the people in the home captive for so many hours before opening fire. Police have said that the men gained access to the home by pretending to be officials. According to authorities, the gunmen entered the home after pretending to be officials who wanted to see if there was illegal activity inside. The gunmen reportedly fled in a car after the shooting and have not been arrested.

The AFP news agency has reported that the incident did not take place in the tourist area of the province. Krabi province is visited by thousands each year for its beaches and cliffs. Authorities are shocked about the incident since mass shootings don’t happen very often in the country.