Venezuela: Fugitive Pilot Appears At Opposition Vigil

A Venezuelan police pilot wanted for a recent attack on the country’s Supreme Court made an appearance at an opposition vigil on Thursday. It is the third appearance of the pilot since the attack on the government buildings but the first on the streets. Oscar Perez, who stole a police helicopter for the attack, had last appeared in two videos. One of the videos surfaced shortly after the attack, which was confirmed by the government minutes later.

The surprise appearance comes after 90 days of protests, which have left more than 85 people dead and hundreds more injured. Oscar Perez talked to the media during the vigil and said that they don’t want any more blood on the streets.

Perez is wanted by police for being involved in the attack on government buildings. In the attack two weeks ago, grenades were thrown and shots were fired at the Supreme Court building. No one was injured and authorities found the helicopter a day later.

The hijacking and attack left many questions among Venezuelans who believed this was just a distraction from the government. Since the attack, Perez has appeared in two videos. According to recent reports, he is also an action movie star and a very popular figure on social media.

His appearance comes just days before the opposition holds an unofficial referendum to stop the constituent assembly. Perez said in his second video that he was in Caracas and that he would continue the fight against the government.

The protests against the government began back in April and show no signs of stopping as the government continues its plans for the constituent assembly. The referendum will take place on July 16 while the constituent assembly is scheduled for July 30. The opposition has criticized the constituent assembly decision, saying it is being done to keep President Nicolas Maduro in power.