Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Venezuela: Trump Warns of Economic Actions Over Constituent Assembly

US President Donald Trump has warned the Venezuelan government of ”strong and swift economic actions” if it continues with the constituent assembly. Trump is one of the many world leaders who have asked the Venezuelan government to stop its constituent assembly plans. The government has scheduled an election for the constituent assembly on July 30.

The warning comes a day after the opposition held a referendum to show the disapproval for the constituent assembly. The referendum received more than seven million votes, despite being announced less than two weeks ago and having less places to vote. The European Union and a few other countries also showed their disapproval for the government’s plan.

The opposition also called for a 24-hour strike, which will take place on Thursday. The constituent assembly plans have been heavily criticized by the opposition and world leaders. The opposition says it is a plan to keep Nicolas Maduro in power and never hold elections again. The regional elections, which were scheduled for late 2016, were delayed and moved to the end of the year. The inflation, shortages of food and other products and the decision to dissolve the National Assembly have led to protests across the country. The assembly was later restored but Venezuela is currently going through the worst economic crisis in its history. The protests began three months ago and more than 90 people have lost their lives.

Trump said in a statement that the US will not stand by as the country crumbles. The US President added that if the regime imposes its constituent assembly later this month, the US will take economic actions.

The disapproval of the constituent assembly by world leaders did not lead to a change from Maduro, who promises to continue the plans for it. The opposition has called for a nationwide strike on Thursday.

Sunday’s elections saw more than seven million people show their disapproval for the government. The vote got out of control in a few areas, with people accusing government supporters and officials of attempting to interrupt the process. At a polling site in Caracas, one woman was killed and four others were injured when government supporters on motorcycles began shooting at the crowd. The government also held a rehearsal on Sunday for its elections on July 30.

Last month, several news sites reported that the US was considering sanctions against Venezuela’s oil sector, which has deteriorated in recent years.

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