WWE Great Balls of Fire – Start Time and Match Card

WWE Great Balls of Fire is less than a day away and the event has one of the most interesting match cards in recent months. There are a total of eight matches, five of them for titles. The event will not only have five title matches but also a couple of matches with interesting stipulations. We’re talking about the Ambulance match and 30-minute Iron Man match, which we don’t see very often. Here is everything about the PPV event:

Kickoff Show – Neville vs. Akira Tozawa

Neville has looked almost unstoppable during his time as WWE Cruiserweight Champion. His next opponent is Akira Tozawa, who recently joined Titus Worldwide. The match was scheduled for the event after Titus announced that he had negotiated a title match between the two. In recent WWE Raw episodes, Titus has hyped the title match and even said that Tozawa could win against Neville.

The match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship has been scheduled for the kickoff show but it looks like a must watch as both superstars have been on fire recently.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz will be looking to regain the tag team titles after losing them in a cage match at WWE Extreme Rules. The team recently competed in a rematch but that ended in a no contest when the two teams were counted out. Another rematch was announced on the latest episode of WWE Raw, with General Manager Kurt Angle saying they would compete for the titles in a 30-minute Iron Man match.

Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

Brock Lesnar will be facing Samoa Joe in a singles match for the WWE Universal Championship. It will be the first match for Brock Lesnar since Wrestlemania 33, where he defeated Goldberg for the title. Samoa Joe earned the title match after defeating five other superstars in a fatal five-way match. Samoa Joe has looked strong since the shocking victory, attacking Paul Heyman and nearly causing Brock Lesnar to pass out after he applied the Coquina Clutch. Lesnar recently defeated Goldberg for the title but Samoa Joe is looking like another tough opponent.

The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

The Miz won his seventh WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Extreme Rules by defeating The Miz. The feud between the two continued, with The Miz attacking a mascot he thought was Ambrose. During the segment, he also accidentally destroyed a gift that Maryse was planning to give him. The Miz apologized but things got worse when he accidentally broke the gift, which was a clock, again. The WWE Intercontinental Champion also asked Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to join him. Dean Ambrose was later attacked by two men in bear costumes, who were revealed to be Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

A day after Wrestlemania 33, Strowman appeared to be the next superstar for a WWE Universal Championship match. He interrupted Brock Lesnar and made it clear that he wanted to face him. Strowman had a feud with Reigns and the two ended up getting injured. The arm injury didn’t stop Strowman from challenging Lesnar again but that ended when Reigns hit his arm with a chair. It was later announced that Strowman would be out for months. Strowman returned early and attacked Reigns once again. He also challenged him to an ambulance match at the PPV.

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

The feud between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt began when the former WWE Champion distracted Rollins during a match against Samoa Joe. The distraction led to a loss and on the following episode, Rollins confronted Wyatt. A week later, Rollins was announced as the WWE 2K18 cover athlete and Wyatt interrupted his segment. Rollins attacked him and on the following episode, Wyatt challenged him to a match at WWE Great Balls of Fire. Rollins later accepted the challenge.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks will be competing for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after she defeated Nia Jax in a six-woman gauntlet match. Jax eliminated most of the women from the match but Banks won after she made her submit. Banks also made Bliss submit during a tag team match on the following episode.

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

The feud between Enzo Amore and Big Cass began when a mystery attacker left Enzo unconscious. On the following episode, he was attacked again. Other tag teams were mentioned as suspects but it was also rumored that his friend, Big Cass, was behind the attack. Cass was also knocked out during one of the episodes but WWE Raw commentator Corey Graves later revealed video surveillance of Cass staging his own attack. Cass didn’t deny the accusations and said he was tired of Enzo. Cass also said they were done and attacked Enzo, who confronted him on the following episodes. Things didn’t go well for Enzo during the segment as Cass attacked him once again. Enzo later attacked Cass during a backstage interview. A match between the two was announced shortly after that.

WWE Great Balls of Fire takes place on Sunday, July 9 at 8 PM ET. The kickoff show begins at 7 PM ET.