Thursday, March 30, 2023

YouTube Star Detained In Thailand After Coin Stunt On Train Tracks

A YouTube star with millions of subscribers has been detained in Thailand after posting a video of a coin stunt. Nathan Bartling, who has more than three millions subscribers on YouTube, posted a video in which he flattened coins on train tracks. The YouTuber was detained by police in Thailand after a news conference. During the news conference, he talked about promoting the country’s railway to make amends for the video. He also spoke to reporters during the news conference, which took place in Bangkok.

Video Removed and News Conference

Bartling was detained right after the news conference and charged with trespassing, damaging property and railway obstruction. The YouTuber removed the video from his channel after people told him that the stunt could have derailed a train. Bartling said he researched about this before the video was done. He also said he did not use Thai coins for the video.

It sounds unlikely that a coin can derail a train but the biggest risk of the stunt was going near the tracks and placing the coins. Bartling isn’t the first to try the stunt as there have been other YouTubers who have attempted to do the same with smartphones and other items. Bartling apologized for the stunt during the news conference but was detained shortly after.

Petition Signed By Thousands

It isn’t the first time that a video from Bartling leads to controversy. In the past, other stunt videos with cats have led to police investigations. The controversial videos with the cats have also been removed.

A few days ago, a petition was also created so his visa is canceled. The online petition has been signed by thousands and people plan to submit it to the government. Bartling, who was charged with trespassing, damaging property and railway obstruction, recently vowed to continue the prank videos.


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