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Apowersoft Screen Recorder Review – A Youtuber’s best friend?

We’ve all considered it. Playing video games, reading creepypasta, or just talking on a camera with our screen being recorded for YouTube views. Many of us have figured it isn’t worth the investment in quality microphones, editing software, and the risk of downloading a program that may or may not end up being a screen recorded. But for those who are still interested in that, or in doing tutorials for the office on how to use a software, Apowersoft Screen Recorder may have caught your eye, but is it any good? Here, we’ll test out the software and see what we can make of it.

Installation and Price of Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Installation of Apowersoft was easy enough, as it appears the program is only about 20MB in size, so even weaker connections should be able to manage it. In terms of cost, you can get a stripped down version for free, or a personal license for $40, or if you’re with a company, $80 for a yearly commercial subscription. For the purposes of this review, the personal version was used.

Features of Apowersoft Screen Recorder

So, first things first, the User Interface. If you like simple and colorful UI’s, then this program is right up your alley. When looking to record, you have the options of capturing video, a picture, or audio only (though this option in testing left a bit to be desired in terms of quality). For image recording, you are given additional options as to what would be recording from full screen, to window, to a polygon and even a freehand option so you can record exactly what you want without any private information being released unwittingly. Another handy feature is that you can have the option of hiding your cursor, and a wide variety of supported file types for the out-bound video. For those doing basic tutorials, it also offers a white board which can be great for quick off-hand illustrations.

As one could expect, there is a great deal of sharing options from Myspace and Google+ (I honestly didn’t think people used that anymore) to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr right from the tool bar. Of course, you can upload your results to YouTube as well as a FTP server if you have one set up. In terms of odd features is the scheduler, which can allow you to record at a certain time, which could be useful in some interesting situations. If this doesn’t work for you, you can also simulcast which is hit and miss. Speaking of, a bit of audio and video editing software may be handy as desynch between audio and video is common and more pronounced than I would feel comfortable with putting my name or voice behind.


Lastly, in terms of output, it’s a little hit and miss. For most occasions, it will work fine even at the average quality rating. However, don’t expect to do any high-quality streams as the program tends to hiccup under stress. On the same note, don’t expect quality circa 2003. It could be better, could be a whole lot worse.

Conclusions about Apowersoft Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a screen recorder that doesn’t need to be super polished, or are just testing the water of recording gameplay, this software may be okay. However if you do plan on growing a channel, more professional software may be needed. I would say that if not in an office environment, this software is asking a bit much for what it offers, but it’s by no means a terrible program. In terms of a formal score I’d give it about a 6.5/10, which could be bumped to an 8 if audio editing or synching could be fixed up.

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University graduate in Psychology, and health worker. On my off time I'm usually tinkering with tech or traveling to the ends of the globe.


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