Australia: Missing US Aircraft Found By Navy

The Australian Navy has found an aircraft that crashed on Saturday. The news were confirmed by Defense Minister Marise Payne, who said in a statement on Monday that the missing US military aircraft had been found by the Navy.

The aircraft crashed on Saturday and three US Marines are missing. According to officials, 23 of the 26 that were traveling in the aircraft have been rescued. A search began shortly after the accident on Saturday, with boats and aircrafts helping with the rescue operation. The three US Marines were not found and the military said on Sunday that the search had been called off.

The US military and Australian military have been holding training exercises in the area. The Marine Corps said in a statement that the aircraft involved in the mishap launched from an assault ship. They said the aircraft was conducting regularly scheduled operations when it entered the water. The aircraft that crashed off Australia’s east coast on Saturday was an MV-22 aircraft. According to the ship’s Facebook page, its crew was performing water training exercises on Saturday.

The US and Australian military had conducted military exercises there in recent days. The military exercises took place in Shoalwater Bay and around 30,000 participated, according to the Australian Defense Department.

One of the three men missing is Ben Cross, who was traveling with 25 others in the aircraft. His family passed along their condolences to the families of the two other US Marines missing.

On early Monday, Australian Navy divers began working on recovering the US aircraft. The search was called off on early Sunday, according to officials. The MV-22 Osprey was carrying 26 people when it crashed into the water. In December, an MV-22 aircraft crashed in Japan and five people were rescued. In 2015, an MV-22 crashed in Hawaii, killing two US Marines.