Canada: Military Builds Refugee Camp

The Canadian military is working on a refugee camp that will be the temporary home to many refugees. According to officials, the refugee camp will house the refugees crossing the US border. In recent months, Canada has used hotels and stadiums to house refugees. They also plan to use other buildings as temporary homes for the refugees.

The new camp is located in Quebec and will house up to 500 refugees. The construction of the camp began just days after Montreal’s Olympic Stadium began taking in refugees. The stadium does not get much use as only one team practices there but plays its games in a different stadium. The stadium does have some gymnastics competitions scheduled for later this year.

A record number have crossed into Canada this year. According to officials, more than 3,000 people crossed into Quebec in the first six months of the year. The military said in a statement that the camp will house hundreds of asylum seekers while they wait for their refugee applications to be processed. Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump announced the end of a program that gave Haitian citizens temporary protection after the earthquake in 2010. The program will expire next year.

Since the announcement, many Haitians staying in the US have decided to apply for refugee status in Canada. Officials believe the number of refugees arriving to the country might increase in the next few months.

Last week, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium became the temporary home to hundreds of refugees. The stadium currently gets little use since only one team practices there. The stadium was once the home of the Montreal Expos but the team moved back in 2004. Officials are also planning to use a decommissioned hospital as a shelter. On Tuesday, two government officials from Haiti arrived in Quebec to talk to officials.