Canada: Toronto Shoplifter Gets Job After Help From Police Officer

Last week, a teenager in Toronto was caught trying to steal an outfit for a job interview. The story of why he was stealing the outfit moved the police officer who had arrived to arrest him. The police officer decided to buy him the clothes but the story doesn’t end there, the teenager has more good news.

The teenager recently contacted the police officer and told him that he got the job. Police officer Constable Niran Jeyanesan told CP24 through an email that the teenager will begin work next week.

Story Moves Officer and He Helps

The police officer was called in last week when the teenager was caught trying to steal an outfit from Walmart. Staff found socks, a dress shirt and tie. The police officer was told that it was for a job interview and that’s when he decided to buy him the clothes he needed for the interview. Mr. Jeyanesan said this young person has been facing difficulties in his life and that he was looking to change everything by providing for his family and trying to get a job. He added that this individual didn’t have any resources. He finished by saying that he wanted to get that job and that he thinks he truly made a mistake.

The teenager told the officer that his father was sick. This led to the family facing difficult times and him having to try to get a job without any resources. He was not arrested after he was caught at Walmart.

Father Also Gets a Job

The teenager’s interview appears to have gone well and after some help from the police officer, he will begin work on Monday. The police officer also said that thanks to friends who were willing to help out, the father now has a job too.