Colombia: Cassie Sainsbury’s Plea Deal Rejected By Judge

A judge has rejected a deal struck between the prosecution and the defence that would have given six years of prison to Cassie Sainsbury.

Cassie Sainsbury was arrested at an airport a few months ago with packages that contained cocaine. It was first said that she had received the packages from a man who helped her look for gifts that she would give out at her wedding. But at a court hearing on July 26, Ms. Sainsbury said she had agreed to smuggle the cocaine after her family was threatened.

Ms. Sainsbsury may have another chance to reach a deal in the future, according to the judge. The judge said the deal was no longer valid after she revealed that her family was being threatened. After rejecting the deal, the judge gave the prosecution the chance to appeal the decision. The prosecution did not appeal.

Cassie Sainsbury was arrested with more than ten pounds of cocaine, which was hidden in 18 packages. If found guilty, Ms. Sainsbury could spend up to 30 years in prison.

The judge spoke to reporters after the decision and said that there are two possibilities. He explained that the prosecution and defence might try to negotiate or that the trial will continue.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the judge said the investigation by prosecution didn’t find much to confirm Ms. Sainsbury’s story. He also mentioned that the trial had been a little different from others in the past because most people usually reveal that they are being threatened right away. Ms. Sainsbury revealed that her family was being threatened in the middle of the plea deal. The judge did say that the source of money and Ms. Sainsbury’s email had not been examined and that authorities had not been able to extract evidence from her phone because they did not have the software.

Ms. Sainsbury is reportedly sharing a cell at El Buen Pastor women’s prison. A trial date has not been set.