Donald Trump Responds To North Korea’s Comments

On Monday, North Korea threatened to make the United States pay the price for its crime over the sanctions that were approved on Monday by the UN Security Council.

US President Donald Trump has now responded to those threats, saying North Korea will be met with fire and fury if it continues threatening the US. On Saturday, the UN Security Council approved sanctions against North Korea for its recent missile tests. The sanctions received the support of all the UN Security Council, with North Korea’s biggest ally, China, also voting in favor.

The sanctions will not only limit investments but also the exports. North Korea currently exports materials such as coal. Estimates say the country makes around $3 billion in exports every year but that number could be reduced by one third with the new sanctions.

North Korea responded to the news of the sanctions on Monday and it was also confirmed by a South Korean official who spoke to the BBC that the talks between the South and the North had been described as insincere by a North Korean official. The foreign ministers of South Korea and North Korea reportedly shook hands at a meeting during the weekend. South Korea said before the meeting that they were willing to talk to North Korea.

This year, North Korea has tested several ballistic missiles. It also claimed that it had the ability to reach the US. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump responded to North Korea’s latest threats, saying the country best not make any more threats to the United States. He added that they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

The sanctions on Saturday came a few months after China suspended coal imports from North Korea. Despite the sanctions, North Korea has vowed to continue its missile program and it recently tested two ballistic missiles.