Egypt: At Least 36 Dead and 120 Injured In Train Collision

Egyptian security forces stand guard at the site of a train collision in the area of Khorshid, in Egypts Mediterranean city of Alexandria, on August 11, 2017. At least 36 people were killed as two trains collided outside of Alexandria, in one of the deadliest in a string of such accidents in Egypt, the health ministry said. / AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read /AFP/Getty Images)

A train collision in northern Egypt has left at least 36 people dead and 120 injured, according to officials.

The accident happened when one train that was traveling to Cairo collided with a train coming from Port Said. Authorities do not yet know what caused the train collision.

Photos of the accident show parts of the trains completely destroyed. Emergency services are at the scene and the people rescued have been taken to nearby hospitals.

The country’s health ministry said that more than 120 people had been injured in the train collision. The injured have been taken to hospitals in the area. It was initially reported by officials that the death toll was 21 but the health ministry later announced that it was more.

Local media reported that authorities have ordered an investigation. Train accidents are not common in the country but there have been a few in the last 20 years. Four years ago, a train accident left dozens of people dead. The accident happened when a train, bus and other vehicles collided. The deadliest train accident in Egypt happened 15 years ago, when a fire killed more than 350 people.

One passenger quoted by Reuters talked about the moments after the collision. The passenger said the train he was on was going very quickly and that he found himself on the floor. He says he then came out of the train and found four train cars crushed and a lot of people on the ground.

Health officials now say that at least 36 people lost their lives in the accident. Authorities don’t know what caused the collision but officials believe a mechanical failure may have been the cause. According to officials, the mechanical failure may have caused one of the trains to stall, which then led to the second train crashing into it.