Four Companies Chosen For Wall Prototypes

US Customs and Border Protection has said four companies have been chosen to create prototypes for the border wall. The prototypes are the start of a long process, which will continue with testing by officials.

The border wall was one of the main topics of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. The US President said during the campaign that a wall along the border would be built and paid by Mexico.

The four companies chosen to create the prototypes will have to build concrete structures 30 ft long and 30 ft tall. The companies will have a few months to build the prototypes, which will then be tested.

The CBP says officials will then look at each prototype. They will spend at least eight weeks testing the walls with different tools. The officials will test resistance and many other things with the four prototypes.

The companies will spend a few months building their prototypes for the border wall. The structures will need room for cables and other installations such as cameras and sensors. CBP Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello said the prototypes will help them refine the design standards of the future wall. He says the testing will look at many things, including resistance and scaling. He also said the officials will use small tools to test the prototype walls.

The four companies won’t be the only ones competing as four more contracts will be given to companies that will create prototypes with other materials. The four companies will be announced next week.

The order to start creating the prototypes will be given in a few weeks and the companies will have a month to complete them. The CBP Deputy Commissioner did not give much details on the companies and said he did not know if they had experience building border walls.

The companies given the approval to create the prototypes were among the 200 that submitted designs for a border wall.