Georgia: Amazon Recalls Eclipse Glasses Bought By School System

On Saturday, Amazon began recalling eclipse glasses after they could not be verified. The announcement came after an Atlanta school system had ordered thousands of eclipse glasses on Amazon.

The Coweta County School System bought a total of 24,000 eclipse glasses from the company, according to spokesman Dean Jackson. The majority of them were going to be handed out to employees and students but the recall left the school system without options.

The school system was planning to give out more than 22,000 eclipse glasses to students and employees but that changed when the supplier contacted them. According to the spokesman, who confirmed the news through an email to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the supplier contacted them saying that the glasses could not be verified. He added that the orders were cancelled and that the money was refunded.

The bad news for the students and employees is that the spokesman said that they were unable to locate substitutes. The school system had ordered the glasses for Monday’s eclipse.

The school system did not find substitutes after the recall but they still have plans for viewing activities on Monday. The online retailer began recalling some eclipse glasses during the weekend after they could not be verified.

The spokesman added that some schools or classes may have eclipse glasses that they were able to find separately. The spokesman also said that their intention was to provide students and employees who wanted to watch the event directly that day.

School System and Recent Recall

The recall includes thousands of eclipse glasses but the school system has been one of the most impacted by the announcement since they had ordered 24,000 of them. The school system has sent letters to parents telling them about the recall.

Amazon is reportedly contacting and refunding customers who have purchased potentially counterfeit eclipse glasses.