India: Contaminated River Turns Dogs Blue

Dogs with a bright blue color sound like something out of a movie but it is actually happening in India, where a contaminated river is now being blamed for affecting many animals in the area.

The mystery began when residents of Mumbai started spotting dogs with a bright blue color. The cause is said to be a contaminated river, which the animals visit to search for food and drink water. The river is contaminated because factories in the area dump industrial waste there.

The pollution is not just affecting dogs but other animals that visit the river. Residents claim birds are being affected and that the contamination has left at least one dog blind.

The district has hundreds of factories and some of them dump their industrial waste in the river. The pollution remains a big problem in the area but animal organizations are doing everything they can to help the animals affected.

Arati Chauhan, who is in charge of a protection shelter in the area, is worried about the situation and says the issue not only involves dogs. She spoke to Sky News and said that other animals are being affected. She is one of the people who have taken pictures of the blue dogs to highlight the issue and come up with a solution. Chauhan confirmed to Sky News that she had seen five other dogs like that and that one of them was blind.

The pollution has been in the area for years and Chauhan has spoken to workers of the factories about the issue. She says she has been told by the workers that they have health issues as well. The shelter has submitted a complaint to the organization in charge of stopping factories from dumping industrial waste. The organization confirmed to local media that they had received the complaint and that they would take action.