iPhone 8 Giveaway From mSpy – How To Enter

The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here. In September, Apple will unveil the new generation iPhone 8 which promises blow you away with a new design and exciting features. Whenever a new iPhone comes out it is always a big deal and everybody wants to know all the latest rumors, leaks and insider information. But, with this year being the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple has reportedly jam packed all kinds of mesmerizing technology into the iPhone 8 to make this phone a must-have.

Because this could be the phone of the century, it is sure to sell out as soon as it comes out but don’t worry. mSpy iPhone tracker is giving away a free iPhone 8 to 3 lucky subscribers as soon it comes out. All you need is a valid mSpy parental control subscription to be eligible for the giveaway. Your entries and chances of winning depend on the subscription plan you get. For instance, a 1-month subscription gets you 1 email entry into the draw, 3 months – 3 entries into the draw and a 12-month subscription sends 12 email entries into the draw.

Furthermore, if you are participating and you repost their Facebook post “iPhone 8 giveaway” and send a screenshot of it, it doubles your chances to get the iPhone 8. By winning the new iPhone 8 giveaway from the Mspy app you are assured of receiving the all new phone as soon as it becomes available. Keep your children safe from online predators and be sure to take part in mSpygiveaway. You never know, you could be the lucky winner.

Most of the leaked information so far has focused on wireless charging, curved, edge-to-edge OLED display with True Tone technology and/or Ion-X glass, a virtual home button and facial recognition software to replace Touch ID. The facial recognition feature is a real game changer. According to multiple reports, it will allow you to snooze sound notifications just by looking at your phone and according to Apple it is faster and more secure than Touch ID.

With modern gadgets, it is easy to get all caught up on social networks, chat rooms and iMessage platforms. We sometimes forget about all of the dangers they pose to ourselves and our children. Although social networks connect us with our family and friends all over the world, cyber criminals use them to find their next victims. They assume a fake identity, become “friends” with children on Facebookor other social network sites and lure them into face-to-face meetings. We sometimes forget that children do not always make the correct decision about the information and content they share online and the consequences could ruin their life.

As if this was not enough, WhatsApp, SnapChat and other messaging apps are frequently used for cyberbullying. Unless action is taken immediately, cyberbullying can snowball into a serious problem. We all remember the story of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teenager who took her own life because she could no longer take all of the abuse from cyberbullies.

Amanda Todd’s story contains every element of a parent’s worst nightmare. She sent one lewd photo to a stranger online and it escalated into blackmail, extortion, bullying and ultimately suicide. We understand that it is not possible to keep an eye on your children 24/7 but the mSpy phone tracker can help you monitor you child’s internet activity without disrupting your day-to-day life.

The mSpyparental control app allows you to take full control of your child’s smartphone, allowing you to see the messages they send and receive, even deleted ones. You can monitor what they post on social media and you will get an alert if they receive friend requests from somebody they have few or no mutual friends with.

Have you ever wondered if your child is telling you the truth when they say that they are going to study or play at their friends’ house? The mSpy phone tracker lets you see their exact geographical coordinates and you can also set “geofencing” alerts. This means that you will receive notifications on your smartphone when your child leaves one area and enters another. For example, if they left the library and came to the recreation center, you would be notified of each event.

Technology alone is not enough to keep your children safe online. You must have a serious discussion with them about all the dangers of talking to strangers online and that the consequences could be dire. Online strangers can be even more dangerous than the strangers they meet on the street because they are more tech savvy and they know how to hide their true identity so they can never be tracked. The mSpyapp along with parental education and supervision is a surefire way to keep kids safe when they are surfing online.