Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Japan: Famous Tsukiji Fish Market Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out

A fire has led to hundreds of people being evacuated from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market. The market, one of the largest in the world, is known for its tuna auctions and variety of seafood.

The fish market supplies many of Tokyo’s restaurants and is a popular tourist attraction. Firefighters have not revealed what caused the fire but they were at the scene shortly after it began. Dozens of firefighters were sent in to combat the fire, which forced people at the market to evacuate.

Japanese broadcaster NHK said the fire started at around 4:50 local time. The broadcaster also said the fire broke out outside of the market and close to the surrounding streets.

No Injuries Reported

According to reports, the fire affected some of the buildings in the 82-year-old market, which supplies many restaurants in the area. Authorities have not reported any injuries from those who were in the market at the time. The NHK also reported that many of the shops and restaurants in the market were evacuated. Reports say the flames affected mostly wooden buildings in the market.

The latest reports say the famous area of the market, where the tuna auctions take place, was not affected by the fire.

The market, which was built back in 1935, has supplied many restaurants in the city for years. The market is now very important for the city and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Plans To Move Market

The famous market offers a variety of seafood and every day it holds tuna auctions. The market is now where many restaurants get their supplies but the city plans to make changes to make sure it’s safe. The market is now over 80 years old and Tokyo’s governor has said it needs to be moved because of its age. The relocation will reportedly happen later this year.


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