Main Suspect of Barcelona Attack Shot Dead By Police

Police in Spain have killed the main suspect of the Barcelona attack, which left 13 people dead and 100 injured. Police believe Younes Abouyaaqoub was the driver of the van, which drove through the pedestrian area of Las Ramblas on Thursday.

The main suspect of the attack on Thursday was found near a sewage treatment construction. Police had been searching for the suspect since the attack. Shortly after the attack, police arrested a few suspects in other towns. On Friday, police shot dead other suspects. But the driver, who escaped on foot, was still on the run.

According to reports, the suspect was wearing a fake explosive belt when he was found. A gas station employee called the police to let them know the location of the suspect. Authorities reportedly found the suspect hiding in vineyards.

The suspect was shot dead but police had to wait for the bomb disposal team to check the fake explosive belt. He was later identified as the man they had been searching for since the attack.

On Sunday, authorities revealed that the terror cell had 120 gas canisters in a house. The house exploded on Wednesday and authorities believe something went wrong. Authorities say the group was probably planning bigger attacks but they were stopped by the explosion.

The Catalan police continue their investigations and the search for another man and a van. Earlier today, police also revealed how the main suspect escaped. CCTV footage from Spanish media show the suspect walking through a market district.

The government said a day after the attack that the cell had been dismantled. Eight of the 12 men said to be part of the terror cell are dead while the four others have been arrested. The main suspect was killed 25 miles west of Barcelona in the Subirats area.