Official BLUBOO S8 Tutorial Video

When it comes to smartphones, the BLUBOO S8 is the newest released from BLUBOO that boasts an 18:9 full-screen aspect ratio. BLUBOO has put out a video that shows the various functions of the BLUBOO S8 in great detail. If you watch the video, you will see that a lot of the biggest specs of the smartphone are clearly seen. There are five characteristics that we wanted to talk about, which are seen in the video. We wanted to talk more about the 360 OS on the BLUBOO S8, and how this operating system can really benefit you.

BLUBOO S8 Tutorial Video Released

When we look at the five biggest features and functions of the BLUBOO S8 in the tutorial, there are many benefits of the BLUBOO S8 that you will enjoy. One of the biggest features is the Full-Screen Mode, which allows you to see the videos on your phone much easier. The Full-Screen Mode on this phone gives you a much wider view thanks to the bezel being so narrow. You will definitely notice the bigger ratio helps you see the details in videos much better.

The second feature we wanted to talk about is the Freezer. This is basically a feature that prevents various apps from running in the background. The Freezer will allow you to get better memory usage and also it will cut down on your power consumption. This is a great feature because it allows the phone to have a quick response since it is not being bogged down.

The third feature we wanted to tell you about with the BLUBOO S8 is called Free Share. This allows you to quickly transfer both your old mobile phone documents and the new mobile phone documents. It is a transmission that is mutual so that you can move documents from one phone to another.

Another feature we wanted to talk about from the tutorial video is the Screenshot feature. You can swipe downward using three of your fingers and take a screenshot. You can do both a scroll shot and a circular shot, which is pretty cool.

Finally, a Multi-Window Function is available which allows you to open up multiple programs and windows on the BLUBOO S8. You will be able to see all of the programs and windows on the screen at once and none of them will impact one another. You can do things like watch videos and chat at the same time or shop and read your favorite book at the same time. You now will be able to multitask quickly and easily with the Multi-Window Feature.

The BLUBOO S8 is on sale right now at Banggood. If you would like to know more information about this phone you can click here to find out more information.