Parents Could Face 10 Years In Prison For YouTube Prank On Kids

The parents behind the controversial YouTube prank videos on their kids may face up to ten years in prison. The couple became famous for its prank videos, which were getting millions of views.

The couple was posting the videos to their YouTube channel, DaddyOFive. One of the videos caught the attention of everyone but not for being funny or creative but because many saw it as abusive.

In the video, the couple uses ink to make stains. The kids are then blamed for the stains and their reactions are caught on video. The video, which was viewed by millions, was heavily criticized by users because it left the children in tears. The dad and stepmom are also heard cursing and yelling during the video.

The video was posted back in April and made headlines around the world. It was later removed from the site but the video could have serious consequences for the couple. The two were recently charged with two counts each of neglect of a minor.

Weeks after the controversial video was posted, authorities removed two children from their home and placed them in the custody of their biological mother. The two children removed were the youngest of the five living in the home. The controversial videos were taken down shortly after people began blasting them as abusive. The couple had posted plenty of videos but many users said the couple went too far. YouTube stars also reacted and criticized the couple for the prank and video.

According to the Frederick News Post, the couple neglected the two children between November 2016 and April 2017. The stepmom recently said that the videos went from not so bad to just doing more and more for the shock factor. The couple faces up to five years in prison for each count and a fine.