Russia: Eight Missing After Flood In Mine

A flood at Russia’s largest diamond mine has left eight people missing and many others injured. The incident occurred when water began leaking underground. There were more than 100 workers inside when the water began leaking on Friday morning.

Alrosa, the company in charge of the mine, recently confirmed that most workers had been rescued. Eight are still said to be missing. The company also denied some reports which said all the workers had been rescued. The company added that the search for the people missing continues.

The mine and nearby areas are closed as emergency teams continue the search. Divers are reportedly at the scene to help with the search. The town where the mine is located has declared a state of emergency.

Emergency teams have rescued at least one person. That person was rescued on Saturday morning, nearly a day after the flood happened. According to the company, the man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is in intensive care. The company said the man has a bruised lung but that he is not in critical condition.

Alrosa recently said 142 people have been brought back to safety after the flood. The company has released an image of some of the workers as they were back to the surface. The men appear to be in good condition. Chief Executive Sergey Ivanov said everything is being done to rescue the workers still missing.

Authorities have not confirmed what caused the flood but they believe the leak may have started after the quarry began flooding. According to emergency services, the water leaked to the mine through one of the mines pumping stations. The open-pit mine nearby is no longer operating and mining in the area is now being done underground.

More than 100 workers were at the mine before the flood and the company has confirmed that 142 have been rescued.

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