SEPLA Asks Airline To Suspend Overnight Stays In Venezuela

SEPLA, an organization that represents thousands of pilots around the world, has asked Air Europa to suspend flights that require overnight stays for its employees in Venezuela or come up with overnight stays at other countries.

The request comes after many airlines have decided to reduce or suspend their number of flights to the country. SEPLA explains that the request is being done because of the violence in the biggest cities of Venezuela. SEPLA says it does not understand why Air Europa is one of the few European airlines that still have flights that require overnight stays in Venezuela. The organization believes this puts the employees, who have to move from the airport to the hotel, at risk.

In recent months, many protests have taken place across Venezuela. More than 100 people have lost their lives and many more have been injured.

In the last few years, Caracas, the capital and largest city of Venezuela, has appeared in a number of rankings and reports as one of the most dangerous cities around the world.

Violence is not the only thing that has convinced airlines to make changes on the overnight stays. In recent weeks, the opposition has called for strikes and protesters have barricaded streets. The strike and barricades shut down many parts of the country. A lot of workers had to take the day off as cars, taxis and public transportation couldn’t drive through the cities.

In recent weeks, Air France, Iberia and Avianca have decided to reduce or suspend their flights to Venezuela. The airlines have cited security and difficulties as one of the main reasons that they are suspending or reducing flights to Venezuela.

A statement released by SEPLA says that they have contacted the company in numerous occasions. The organization says it has proposed various alternatives, such as having the employees stay overnight in nearby countries. They say other airlines have already made this decision, including Iberia, which according to the organization takes its employees to Santo Domingo after arriving to Caracas.


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