Spain: Memorial Gifts From Las Ramblas Will Go To Museum

On Monday night, authorities began dismantling the memorials created in Las Ramblas. The city’s mayor has announced that the gifts left by residents and tourists will be given to the city museum.

Thousands of memorial gifts began filling the boulevard after the attacks on August 17 and 18. The attacks left 16 people dead and many more injured. Officials have confirmed that the terror cell behind the attack has been dismantled.

The thousands of flowers, candles, toys and other items quickly filled the boulevard. Flowers, banners and other memorial gifts were also placed on trees and street lights.

On Monday, nearly two weeks after the attacks in Las Ramblas and Cambrils, workers began carefully removing the memorial gifts.

The thousands of gifts will all be kept or recycled, according to the city’s mayor. He calls the gifts an immense treasure. Most of the memorials along the boulevard and city will be dismantled and the gifts will be taken to a city museum.

The removal will take some time as the Barcelona History Museum says there are many around the city. They estimate that there are more than 130 memorials. The memorial along the boulevard is one of the biggest, with the gifts taking most of the space.

According to officials, the memorials have been photographed and the written messages have been saved. Officials have said the gifts will go to the museum but some might be used for other things, including a public exhibition. Thousands of written messages and gifts were left at the memorials. It will probably take a few weeks for the city to organize them all and determine where each will go.

Mayor Ada Colau said that the city contacted Paris for ideas on what to do with the memorials. In 2015, 130 people lost their lives in an attack in Paris. Hours later, memorials were created across the city.

A lot of the memorials were removed on Tuesday but some still remain. The city has also left an area open for those who want to leave gifts or a written message.

The city also plans to use the wax from the candles, petals and other materials for art projects, according to local media.

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