Saturday, February 4, 2023

Thousands of Samsung TVs Stop Working After Update

Thousands of Samsung TV owners are now complaining after a software update bricked their TVs. The update was released a week ago and affects high-end TVs.

The software update reportedly leaves the TV screens blank. Some customers say they’ve only had the TV for weeks.

Customers have been contacting Samsung and posting online to let the company know about the issue. The issue is affecting some of the latest Samsung TVs.

The company recently answered to the complaints and told customers that they were working on a solution to the software update brick. The issue has reportedly affected thousands of TVs.

The issue is only said to be happening on the newest TVs from Samsung. According to several tech sites, owners of older Samsung TVs are not being affected by the blank screens.

Customers in the UK and a few other countries have been reporting the software update issue. One customer in the UK wrote that she decided to buy a new TV for her kids and it stopped working on day two. She says she called Samsung customer service and was told that they are aware of the issue and that they will contact her back. She says its been six days since she complained. The Samsung TV cost her nearly $1,800.

Samsung is one of the biggest TV sellers in the world but customers continue to complain as they have not received an answer or solution to the software update issue. The Samsung community boards have received many complaints from customers, with many of them unhappy about the responses they have received from customer service. The Guardian has also been contacted by many of the affected customers.

The issue leaving screens blank is only being reported on the newest TVs from the company. According to the Samsung community forums, the models affected are: MU6409, UE50MU6100K and UE49MU7070.

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